Rising tide of America’s sustainable seafood | by Ray Hilborn

I’ve never shared an article on my site before, but the message in this article sums up why I decided to create eatUSseafood.com to begin with. So in case you missed it, here you go:

“Why the conflicting information? Quite simply, providing seafood advice is now a big business, both with direct payment from retailers to those giving advice, and by fundraising campaigns to “save the oceans” that fail to acknowledge that the existing U.S. fisheries management system provides for sustainability. Indeed, despite the fact that it is widely agreed among scientists, fisheries managers, and government regulators that U.S. fisheries are well managed, some NGOs now gain so much revenue from companies that sell seafood and concerned citizens, that they simply cannot admit the U.S. success.”

“Moving forward, the U.S. government and NGOs should promote the U.S. management system and its successes as a model for the world.”

Read the full article here…

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